Refal Hady Masuk dalam Nominasi Pria Tertampan TC Candler – Aktor terkenal Refal Hady yang dikenal melalui series dan film Wedding Agreement masuk dalam nominasi pria tertampan di dunia versi TC Candler.

Refal Hady yang memerankan karakter Bian dalam Wedding Agreement ini diumumkan sebagai nominasi pria tertampan dunia melalui unggahan akun Instagram TC Candler.

Akun resmi TC Candler tersebut menuliskan caption yang berbunyi, “Congratulations to these gorgeous people for being officially nominated as one of the 100 Most Beautiful or 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2022. Which one is your favorite, and why?.”

Akun tersebut juga menuliskan bagaimana artis dapat menjadi nominasi dalam ajang ini.

“Faces can be nominated by joining our Patreon community, where you will get Guaranteed Monthly Nominations (we cannot ignore or refuse you). You can nominate your favorite celebrity or a loved one or even yourself. You will also find exclusive content added each week, just for patrons. Or, as always, you can try your luck on YouTube. Please join if you’d like to get more involved — ( LINK IN BIO! Thank you to our 1600+ wonderful patrons who are currently nominating every month! Some will be tagged with their choices. Others prefer to be anonymous. Best wishes to all.”

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Hal ini kemudian mengundang para netizen dan penggemar Refal Hady untuk memberikan tanggapan. Tidak hanya itu, bahkan Refal Hady pun juga ikut langsung memberikan komentar pada postingan tersebut.

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